The History of Methodism Podcast

From 1483 - the present

Welcome to the long history of Methodism. Recent episodes are posted on this page. You can find the History of Methodism Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcasts sites. This website contains all our past transcripts, sources, as well as an historical timeline. All of this is possible because of the support of our patrons on patreon.

The Voyage to Georgia

In this episode, we follow the journey of John and Charles Wesley from England to Georgia, looking at how they lived and grew and changed in the process.

James Oglethorpe and the Founding of Georgia

In this episode, we look at the life of James Oglethrope, the founder of the Georgia Colony, and the events that led up to the 1735 trip the Wesleys took to Georgia.

Opportunities in Mission

In this episode, we look at John Wesley's vocational transformation from Oxford professor to missionary to the New World.

Oxford Methodism Part 2

In this episode, we look at Oxford Methodism from the years 1732-1734 and the transformations that took place there among the students and John Wesley himself.

Oxford Methodism Part 1

In this episode, we look at the history of Oxford Methodism from a scholarly perspective, honing in on the time between 1729-32. We discuss the members of the group, what they did, and what they were trying to do.

The Holy Club According to John Wesley

In this episode, we hear an account of the Holy Club from John Wesley's own words as he tells it in a letter to the father of his friend, Richard Morgan.

Prelude to the Holy Club

In this episode, we look at the circumstances which brought John Wesley from his position as a curate in northern England back to Oxford and the early beginnings of the Oxford Holy Club.